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Margaux Perrier

Margaux Perrier

blending French heritage with the sacred, spiritual + ethereal

✨As Seen In ✨

Pearl Ethereal Visions Ring II✨

An illustrious ethereal talisman featuring a stunning freshwater Keshi Pearl, with a secondary baby Pearl growing out of it. This dreamy Pearl has a Sacred Mother energy embodying unconditional love and Divinity, reminding you that you are a miraculous vessel of love. You are a treasure.

You are Loved. You are Divine. You are Magic.

✨ Coucou! Merci! Bisous! ✨

"Margaux, I just want to let you know how much I LOVE my pendant! I’ve worn it every day since it arrived and I can literally feel the energy protecting me. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful piece.

Even the packaging was stunning. Your care and attention to detail are evident through and through. You’re a treasure.

I literally feel like she’s keeping me safe and bringing me light in these dark days. I love it so much, thank you forever."


"Oh my god, these pieces are magnificent! Pure magic, even more magical in person if that is possible! SO SPECTACULAR, you have outdone yourself.

I am in love. You are such a gifted artist and so connected to the other side & angelic realm!"

Author, Psychic Medium

"There are people in this life, who when we meet them, simply make us feel better about the world—knowing they’re in it. Margaux is that beautiful soul.  Her emphatic, compassionate nature and willingness to help anyone is couched by a deep spiritual understanding of the universe and its elements. Paired with unparalleled design aesthetic and authentic vision, Margaux is an artist. 

Her intuition, knowledge of crystals, stones and spiritual practice is infinite...always growing. You can resource her articles, wear her designs or ask her direct——all paths she assists will lead you to illumination and awakening. I curate all of my jewelry around Margaux’s designs."



Rêve d’Opal Pendant

Designed as a guardian from the etheric heavens above, imparting you with Divine protection, sacred wisdom and lending hope through universal love.

Client Favorites

Rose Pendant

viewed as symbols of the human soul, expressions of spiritual joy, and often aligned as gifts of immortal love.

Pastel Cathédrale Band

an ethereal vision inspired by the dreamy, luminous stained glass windows of Notre Dame.

Papillon Butterfly Pendant

a messenger of angels, a spirit guide leading and guarding you along the way, symbolizing hope, renewal and new beginnings.

Adorned in Love

sacred talismans each encapsulating Divine power, unconditional love and unwavering strength

L'Esprit Collection

miraculous reminders of the power of hope & the loving everpresence of your guardians



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✨ Being : the Blog ✨

The Venusian Vitrail Collection

The Venusian Vitrail Collection

Step into Aphrodite’s dreamy realm of enchantment with the Venusian Vitrail Collection — embodying the essence of Venusian energy and Divine femininity.

WTF is Mercury Retrograde?

WTF is Mercury Retrograde?

What does that even mean? Let’s demystify the hype and gain some guidance on how to navigate this cosmic influence.

Aquamarine: The March Birthstone

Aquamarine: The March Birthstone

Aquamarine holds a special place as the birthstone for all March babies. Beyond its captivating beauty, Aquamarine embodies a magical history steeped with myth and lore, and its metaphysical properties...

Create Your Own Custom Adornment!

It is my honor to bring your dream to life in creating sacred heirlooms for you to cherish for generations to come.


Croix du Sacralité

This baroque-inspired French cross imbues a sacred message to remind you that when hope often feels lost, there is always more strength to be found within you, as it is you.

You are Divine. You are Powerful. You are Love.

Rose Collection

designed to enrapture you within Divine love, serving as a reminder of your innate perfection and beauty