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Sacré-Cœur Medallion


Sacré-Cœur, translating to Sacred Heart, is a talisman created from a place of deep passion, absolute love and Divinity. Historically, the devotion of the Sacred Heart is said to demonstrate the ever-enduring, long suffering love and compassion of the heart of Christ for all of humanity, derived from Margaret Mary Alacoque, a Catholic nun from France, who said she learned of the devotion from Jesus throughout a series of apparitions between 1673 and 1675. Embodying the root of the Christ consciousness, this sacred piece is my interpretation of the Sacred Heart; through my lens it represents how we can each be a beacon of light, a pillar of strength, and access that consciousness in choosing to demonstrate unconditional love. This Sacred Heart emblem is adorned with wings of Diamonds, set beneath a crown, sparked aflame with the passion-invoking Ruby set in its center. It is imbued with Divine light, the flame representing the transformative power of Divine love, and our perpetual ability to create anew.

This medallion is imbued with grounded confidence in ourselves, while also drawing upon the wisdom and guidance from Source, teaching us to live with compassion not only for Self, but also for humanity, for our beautiful animals, our incredible planet, while remaining rooted in nature. Placed atop the flaming crown is a single Ruby, reminding you that you are the flame - it resides inextinguishable within you - and you must embed passion into everything you do. You came into this life and onto this planet to create for You, and you must trust that the magic and the message you have to share with the world will best exude from you when Your validation is the only one you seek to support. The Sacré-Cœur Basillica of Montmartre in the center of Paris sits atop a hill as a beacon of hope, a symbol of victory, strength and sacredness. This piece was created to aid you in being able to ground yourself, taking all of the incredible wisdom and inspiration from the clouds and create them within your reality. 8 Diamonds are set within the heart like wings of armor, carrying you in the light of the Highest wisdom which is always supporting you - to remind you that you are never alone, but always guided in Love, and to remember that you hold so much strength and power when you stand tall and firmly in who you are.

Solid 14k yellow gold on a 0.5mm box chain, available in 16.5" or 18.5"

* Ruby sparks passion into your life within the creative and professional realm, as well as igniting a flame of confidence back into the self and within relationships. Ruby encourages an overall passion for life, allowing motivation and goal-setting to restore back to the forefront so you can chase your bliss and feel courageous yet again when imagining your dreams and making them a reality. It increases excitement, stimulates sex-drive, heals sexual traumas, and invigorates a motivated, inspired mindset. Ruby instills clear visualizations, abundance and wealth, and is known as a major protector against psychic attack as well as energetic vampires of the heart chakra. By creating healthy boundaries around the heart and cutting cords with those who seek only to drain you of energy, more space is created for self-love, acceptance and worthiness. Ruby boosts selflessness through recognition of where your love energy is best spent, allowing you to invest in those who are worthy of your time – starting with the self.

* White Diamonds are stones of enlightenment, clarity of mind, imagination and inventiveness, fearlessness and the purity of love. Long valued for their magical properties and believed to have fallen from the sky after a battle between dragons, Hindus, over fifteen centuries ago, believed they provided their keepers with protection, courageousness, victory and the enhancement of love as they create a deep bond between relationships. An energy amplifier, they are incredibly effective when used with other crystals, as they raise their energetic frequency. They help pinpoint that which requires transformation, cleansing remnants of darkness that shrouds your inner light. They facilitate spiritual evolution, manifestation and abundance while encouraging the soul’s light to shine, accessing Divine energies, enhancing visions and intuitive connection with the higher domains of Spirit. Used to evoke and tap into your inner Spiritual King or Queen energy, it allows you to recognize your worth through the Divine archetypes within the Self that convey power, knowledge and sovereignty. Combining spiritual insight with the wisdom of your inner Knowing, what is revealed is a sense of clarity and certainty about your desires and the actionable steps to reach your goals. They accelerate your spiritual evolution and ignites psychic ability, generating the focus needed to manifest your dreams. Emanates a potent energy to reveal underlying emotional issues within the subconscious, encouraging you to become more objective about the emotional state you are in, and what you need to process and release. A stone of spiritual initiation, it helps us in becoming beacons of Light, teaching us that our behavior can reveal our true inner beauty and our Soul’s knowledge. Illuminating densities, difficulties and illusions, it calls upon us to seek light within and radiate it outward. Acts as a reminder of your spiritual destiny in this life, as its energy penetrates the veils that can keep you reluctant or unable to step firmly into your path.


Each pendant is adorned + secured with a Spirit Guide tag, engraved with the emblem “You Are Loved” – a potent mantra to speak to your heart as you place the necklace over your heart chakra. Created to remind you that you are always supported and guided by Spirit, you are always loved, you are powerful, perfect, worthy, and love incarnate. This ethereal totem is a protective Being of Light, embracing you in abundant, unconditional love, reminding you of the vast cosmos and your place within the stars – encouraging you to recognize the magic of the Universe which lives within you.

Production Info

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I always, always recommend as first priority to go with what you’re drawn to. Oftentimes, your first instinct as led by your intuition will be spot on for what energy you’re wanting to align with or needing in your life at this time - don’t overthink it!

An easy way to clear your mind and become present with your current state of being:

Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths.

Focus your attention on the ground beneath your feet, gradually relaxing into a naturally comfortable state. Picture your body within a bright, warm pyramid of white light as you exhale.

Release any impeding stresses that pop into mind, and ask your subconscious to come to the forefront.

See what you’re drawn to aesthetically, then proceed by reading about each energy to determine which one feels right.