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Venusian Vitrail Pendant


Created around an envisioned dreamscape of stained glass (the French translation of vitrail), this shield pendant is a talisman embodying the Venusian energy of the goddess Aphrodite. Perfect within her imperfections, this piece was inspired by the ocean, featuring an ethereal array of Opals, 7 Diamonds and a single Pearl - representing both intimate power, and the unique beauty we each carry within ourselves, embracing our own Divine magic. A gift from the Gods, a treasure from the sea, this piece holds a delicate strength, illuminated from deeply within.

Set in 14k yellow gold. Placed on a delicate Grecian inspired chain, 16.5”.

Pearls are the June birthstone, representing purity, innocence, humility and love, and are created from the result of a living Being choosing to self-nurture itself, thus wholly embodying the watery, lunar Cancerean energy. The only gem created through a conscious and nurturing process in partnership with a living creature, each Pearl is an illustrious treasure, born perfectly in its imperfection. Long cherished as a beacon of light for those who see the world through a spiritual lens, it invites enlightenment while acting as an energetic magnet to deepen our connection with our core nature. Native islanders have stated that long ago, the wisest oysters would face the moon when adding their final layers of nacre to their creations - this is why the Pearl is known to be representing the powerful feminine energy, a creator of life and worlds. Carrying an enlightened energy facilitating self-acceptance and Divine foresight, Pearls teach us to connect with the wisdom of the Goddess to uplift the spirit and learn to love ourselves wholly. Emotionally balancing by nature, the Pearl holds the vibration of the sea, gently connecting you with the waves of life to harmonize the auric and etheric bodies. Heightening your intuition and developing the imagination, Pearls are a powerful tool to shield yourself from negative outside forces while transmuting dense energies. It holds within deep introspection, encouraging you to discover your true self and your purpose on this planet. It embodies the energetic frequencies necessary to create harmonic balance in depletions within the human body and spirit. In Hinduism, the flaming pearl celebrates our own inner wisdom, strengthening our connection with the Divine energies of the cosmos. 

White Diamonds are stones of enlightenment, clarity of mind, imagination and inventiveness, fearlessness and the purity of love. Long valued for their magical properties and believed to have fallen from the sky after a bat