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Papillon Danaus Butterfly Pendant


Inspired by the Danaus plexippus Monarch butterfly, this Papillon is surrounded by a halo of light and shimmering 1mm stones, each aura to be selected in the color that uniquely feels most in alignment to your guardian keeper.

The Papillon is a messenger of angels, a spirit guide leading and guarding you along the way, illuminating your path. The butterfly for me has become a talisman symbolizing hope, renewal, transformation, and new beginnings.

Solid 14k yellow gold on 16.5" or 18.5" chain.

Available in: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Pink Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, Garnet, Emerald or Diamond (pictured in Aquamarine).


I wanted to carve an illuminated butterfly within the center of the papillon, as a symbol of our own expansion and growth, as a chrysalis who starts the transformation process over and over again, constantly evolving, growing, learning, shedding and expanding. This piece is a messenger of light, a guardian angel presenting themselves to remind you to always seek hope at the end of the tunnel - that there is always light to illuminate the darkness.

This is an incredibly sacred spirit animal talisman to me. After the loss of my beautiful pup, Teddy, he sent me messengers in the form of butterflies by the handful every day after he passed, for three months until he sent his ultimate gift to us - Archie, the closest replica of Teddy that could be found. He still sends butterflies each week, and are most often gifted when the message is most needed to be received. I wanted to create a piece that would emulate that feeling of renewed faith, trust and hope in miracles again, to serve as a reminder that we are always guided, lifted, evolving, and able to transform darkness into light.


Available in:

*Aquamarine: embodies the Divine Feminine energy which fills our oceans, its Latin name translating to water of the sea. It is calming and opens the platform for a truthful, cool, and calm way of communicating, and is empowering to those who are more sensitive and empathic. Aquamarine is a comforting stone, as it implores you to use your voice with confidence, while releasing stress or fear to create positive changes in your life and let go of what no longer belongs to you. According to ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of the mermaids, and was used by sailors for good luck, fearlessness and protection. Aquamarine lends you feelings of courage during times that require you to challenge yourself from shying away from your dreams, assisting you to channel your inner Goddess to understand yourself on a deeper level and relate to those around you more intuitively.

*Amethyst: is a natural protection stone, creating a cohesion and an open flow of energy to travel and unblock your crown, third eye, and solar plexus chakras. Amethyst is ideal for those wanting to awaken and deepen their sense of spirituality, helping release toxic patterns of behavior or emotional baggage that no longer serve you. It allows you to become more psychically attuned, linking you to your intuition to know what your soul’s purpose is and aligning you to your Divine Self. Amethyst allows you to see unlimited possibilities, opening doors and creating more opportunities to draw in prosperity and abundance. It increases optimism, self-confidence and esteem, releasing fear of success or growth. Amethyst promotes a motivated mindset, unlocking your creative force for the ultimate manifestation of your goals through the alignment and awareness of your true purpose in life.

*Pink Sapphire: works like a magnet to draw all that is necessary for your personal evolution into your life. It is a powerful teacher to aid you in learning how to master your emotions, dissipating emotional blockages and transmuting dense, heavy energies that no longer align with you. It keeps evil at bay, imparting wisdom while calming the mind and clearing tension and stress. It calms feelings of depression, releases emotional blockages, imparts an abundance-mindset to draw in prosperity, and encourages self-expression. Pink Sapphire helps to express your emotions more openly and communicate your vulnerability and passion with others. A stone of absolute love and forgiveness, it holds within the gentle feelings of acceptance, release, and power through vulnerability. It embodies resilience, facilitating great compassion for others and healing the wounds of past emotional traumas. It balances the heart with the mind, reminding us that the longing our hearts feel for the Divine is identical to the longing which the Divine feels for us - thus, love in itself is its own reward. It balances water and fire elements so we may find solace within ourselves to connect with our inner guidance, but also act boldly in the world to fulfill our Divine purpose.

*Orange (Padparadsha) Sapphire: embodies the firey energy which represents our creativity, sexuality, zest for life and feeling abundantly in love with creation and its process as a whole. Set ablaze with the fire of life-force and innovative, imaginative, expressive energies, its highly activating, purifying vibration serves as the energized fountain of creativity in all areas of your life. It encourages you to feel grounded, strong, vibrant and powerful, allowing you to feel more comfortably at home in the physical world while you are here, to revel in the sensory experiences of life and seek enthusiasm for your creative nature and fall in love with the journey, rather than waiting for the destination to bring fulfillment. Connected with Mars, the planet of action, it brings warmth and physical comfort, enhancing your ability to move forward with projects and stand firmly in your power. It helps to overcome distractions, bringing about a playful, exuberant expression of self and creativity. An important stone for artists, writers, singers and any of us who wish to relay our deepest truth in creative expression, Orange Sapphire encourages you to embrace your bliss, become enraptured in creation, and surrender to Divine inspiration.

*Garnet: a powerful passion stone determined to spark a fire within, it is intensely energizing, grounding and protecting while simultaneously igniting love and devotion, stimulating kundalini energy to activate self-confidence with a sultry vibe. Garnet is supportive during times when life feels fragmented or traumatic, bringing hope and courage to transform crisis into challenge. Garnet influences the release of inhibitions, behavioral patterns and old ideas that no longer serve you, including resistance or unconscious self-sabotage. Garnet amplifies surrounding crystal energies, boosts success in business, and helps you embody self-respect and appreciation. It is intensely motivating, reminding you to work hard for career and goal-oriented passions, without forcing you to burn yourself out.

*Emerald: was dedicated in the ancient world to the goddess Venus for its ability to bring security in love, and is thus called the Stone of Successful Love. Emerald attracts domestic loyalty, uninhibited bliss and universal love, its lush green energy stirring the soul and awakening the heart. It is a stone of inspiration, patience, unity and stimulates the heart chakra, healing old wounds while increasing mental, emotional and physical harmony. For over 6,000 years, Emerald has been said to cleanse negativity and encourage you to focus on the joy in life and raises your conscious vibration, setting your sights on directed action through revealing a deep inner knowing of truth. A stone of vision and intuition, Emerald promotes wisdom, renewal and growth, helping you evolve forward as you learn your purpose. Emerald relaxes the emotions but invigorates the mind, activating thoughts, reflections and philosophies while boosting creativity and bringing focus and intensity to your life’s work.

*Diamond: are stones of enlightenment, clarity of mind, imagination and inventiveness, fearlessness and the purity of love. Long valued for their magical properties and believed to have fallen from the sky after a battle between dragons, Hindus, over fifteen centuries ago, believed they provided their keepers with protection, courageousness, victory and the enhancement of love as they create a deep bond between relationships. An energy amplifier, they are incredibly effective when used with other crystals, as they raise their energetic frequency. They help pinpoint that which requires transformation, cleansing remnants of darkness that shrouds your inner light. They facilitate spiritual evolution, manifestation and abundance while encouraging the soul’s light to shine, accessing Divine energies, enhancing visions and intuitive connection with the higher domains of Spirit. Combining spiritual insight with the wisdom of your inner Knowing, what is revealed is a sense of clarity and certainty about your desires and the actionable steps to reach your goals. A stone of spiritual initiation, it helps us in becoming beacons of Light, teaching us that our behavior can reveal our true inner beauty and our Soul’s knowledge. Illuminating densities, difficulties and illusions, it calls upon us to seek light within and radiate it outward. Acts as a reminder of your spiritual destiny in this life, as its energy penetrates the veils that can keep you reluctant or unable to step firmly into your path.

Production Info

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I always, always recommend as first priority to go with what you’re drawn to. Oftentimes, your first instinct as led by your intuition will be spot on for what energy you’re wanting to align with or needing in your life at this time - don’t overthink it!

An easy way to clear your mind and become present with your current state of being:

Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths.

Focus your attention on the ground beneath your feet, gradually relaxing into a naturally comfortable state. Picture your body within a bright, warm pyramid of white light as you exhale.

Release any impeding stresses that pop into mind, and ask your subconscious to come to the forefront.

See what you’re drawn to aesthetically, then proceed by reading about each energy to determine which one feels right.