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Margaux Perrier's Typewriter

Typewritten blogpost by Margaux Perrier
Margaux Perrier Black and White Portrait Up Close
Alright, alright... here we go, up and running!

Welcome to the newly exposed inner workings of my rapid-fire brain.
If finally building a blog. Pulling from the core all of my inspiration and compiling all my creativity into one big outlet -- not Pinterest, or Tumblr, but a real Blog -- a website -- Me. Essentially In aiming to create an ever- changing inspirational mood board with a constant underlying theme, connecting all facets off my lifestyle.
How do I harness all of my thoughts and ideas into one flowing stream of consciousness? I needed a way to be able to put together all of my thoughts and ideas and loves and lusts and express them beautifully as I see them: 
  • architecture,
  • design,
  • art,
  • travel,
  • exploration,
  • people,
  • styling,
  • crystals and
  • food.
Everything and anything that ignites an interest that I can take on board and learn from, and channel into something equally motivating or entertaining for others. Creative expression I think it's called? No matter, if I can wrap my ramblings together into something a little less nonsensical along with photos and journeys documenting endeavors, adventures, travels, and blend them into something unique, something playful, (sometimes serious) something completely and utterly me, I have done what I've set out to do.
Along the years, Ive been urged by a few generous souls to put myself on paper share myself with the world, and for those people I am so thankful, and eternally inspired and flattered; you have opened up some confidence in me that has been locked away somewhere secret, and motivated me to do what I have always wanted and loved to do - to write.

It is through writing that I feel I can best create, inspire, share.
I love people, reading, books, culture andI am inspired by my french heritage. I love things that are simple, things that are complex, things that make me think, make me smile, make me grow. If I can accurately navigate the intertwined pathways in my mind and display them here, Ill find success. The motivation has come, full-swing, quarter of a century into life with some experiences behind me and many more ahead, and I am taking it on head-first. This is the beginning of the nose dive.

Thank you for taking the plunge with me and for the support to just fucking jump.

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