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The Power of Pyrite

Pyrite is one of those stones that is sort of a beginners necessity. However large or intimate your collection is, everyone should keep one in their pocket or on their altar for good luck, prosperity, and positive vibes.

Beneficial for combatting fatigue, boosting energy, dealing with inadequacy issues, memory loss, and circulatory and respiratory systems, Pyrite (also known as Fool's Gold) is derivative from the Greek word for Fire Stone, due to the ancient belief that in its sparkling form, it held fire in its core energy.

Pyrite keeps out the negative energy and unwanted pollutants, preventing that positive, happy energy from escaping the physical body and instead providing protection. It is a stone that creates that positive mentality and allows you to see beyond the mask to what really is. 

Pyrite strengthens inner confidence and rapidly aids to expand all facets of the mental capacity and ability -- balancing intuition, creativity, instinct, and analysis. 

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