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Pastel Dreams

Crystals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and hues; but It's no wonder that the ones I've been most drawn to are those that are cotton-candy colored -- their pale pastel pink and blue undertones draw me in for a super sacred lull, filling my home with a gentle, ethereal energy with physical beauty to match!

Behold, the mystical cubism of Pink Halite: this salmon colored geometric beauty is used for self love and empowerment, while promoting a healthy lifestyle that encourages personal clarity and cleansing on all fronts. Its underside crystalized like pink Himalayan sea salt, Halite harmonizes your heart and solar plexus chakras, allowing that openness to love yourself and clean up your spiritual and physical environment (including unhealthy habits, relationships, incomplete projects, etc). 

One of my favorite ménage à trois is this magical combination of Danburite, Stilbite, and Apophyllite. 

Apophyllite (left), has a high vibration created to raise your spirits and spiritually charge your being with loads of positivity by infusing your light-body with high vibration energy to open you up to that spiritual awakening you crave. Apophyllite is superb for stress-relief, as well as aiding tension and anxiety as their flow of spiritual light brings hope for the future and allows you to release that negative thought pattern that's holding you back. Careful, may help you to feel calmer, more relaxed, and happier within yourself!

Danburite (center), is a highly spiritual healing stone with a gentle yet powerful ability to open up your crown chakra while attuning it with your heart chakra to open you up not only in your head, but in your heart. It carries a very sweet and pure energy, vibrating with an extremely uplifting energy to the spirit. Danburite allows you to operate on a higher consciousness from a heart-based perspective.

Stilbite (right - also pictured on Apophyllite), has a wonderful, spiritual energy, most often used for psychic guidance and intuition as it activates the Third Eye, and also focuses heavily on learning acceptance, letting go, manifestation and creativity. Stilbite carries a fine, loving vibration, and helps with spiritual travel as you enter a deeper mediative state while simultaneously raising your consciousness of universal love. 

Now these little babies are known as Angel Aura Quartz, and I can never get enough of their Fairy - Unicorn - Magic beauty, as rainbows reflect from them in every direction. Angel Aura is a crystal of high spiritual energy as well. It is very helpful for protecting, balancing, and bringing energetic health to your aura, in addition to gently raising Kundalini energy. Use this in meditation and you'll find some guidance on finding the proper course of action for the next steps in your life, as it connects you to angelic communication, communication with your Higher Self, and sourcing that inner wisdom from that crown chakra.

I always, always have Selenite (top left). It is an essential for the Crystal Beginner Pack, and I find that I come home with one piece, at least, a month. Selenite connects you to the ultimate divine light for personal transformation, and work with you through meditation to bring that light down from the higher realms in opening up your crown chakra and soul star chakra. Selenite delivers clarity of mind by ridding your aura of negative energy build up, and connects you with your Spirit Guides. I feel connected to my guides further and further the more I buy of it and the more frequently I use it in meditation. 

The bottom left chunk is a little treasure I found in Northern Australia, and it's a combination of Aquamarine and Pink Tourmaline, which, when combined, bring eternal youth and happiness, peace and love, while connecting us with the Divine. It exudes love and protection, especially against negativity (tourmaline is a big one for that), and accesses both the heart and throat chakras, which allows the bearer to act as a channel for spiritual guidance, and fearlessly speak the truth of one's own Soul experience in a way that communicates loving wisdom to others. 

Now for the pink pillar on the right - this is a Quartz point, which somehow has a built in ombre effect as it fades from clear, to milky white, to beautiful rose quartz at the base. I was wandering through the narrow Chinatown streets in San Francisco and happened to pop into a little shop where an enormous amethyst cathedral was sitting in the window. After speaking to the saleswoman about my infatuation for stones, she pulled me into her back warehouse that was dimly lit except for spotlights on each shelf that were packed, and I mean packed with beauty. I spotted this guy waaaay in the back and knew it was mine. 

Clear Quartz, being one of the most common stones on earth, carries a very high vibration. They resonate strongly within the soul star chakra, as the white light of the white ray is your connection to the Divine Mind and aids in your connection with the spirit. Of course, it also resonates with both the third eye and the crown chakras. Rose Quartz is known as the love stone, as it vibrates unconditional love, joy, warmth, and healing, with a powerful energy for your heart chakra and higher heart chakra for compassion. 

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