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Papillon: Messenger of Angels

A brand new sacred messenger has arrived✨

It's about time that I created a butterfly piece. After the beautiful Signs giveaway, upon realizing how many of you also have a butterfly as your spirit totem who visits you when you most need guidance from the other side, the timing felt Divinely perfect.

My Papillon is a messenger of angels, a spirit guide leading and guarding you along the way, illuminating your path. The butterfly for me has become such a sacred talisman emanating hope, renewal, transformation, and new beginnings.
This piece has brought tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart.
I hope you love it as much as I do.

A Sacred Messenger
I wanted to carve an illuminated butterfly within the center of the papillon, as a symbol of our own expansion and growth, as a chrysalis who starts the transformation process over and over again, constantly evolving, growing, learning, shedding and expanding.

Papillon Pendant
This piece is a messenger of light, a guardian angel presenting themselves to remind you to always seek hope at the end of the tunnel - that there is always light to illuminate the darkness.

Papillon Danaus Butterfly Pendant
Inspired by the Danaus plexippus Monarch butterfly, this Papillon is surrounded by a halo of light and shimmering 1mm stones, each aura to be selected in the color that uniquely feels most in alignment to your guardian keeper.
(pictured in Aquamarine)

This is an incredibly sacred spirit animal talisman to me. After the loss of my beautiful pup, Teddy, he sent me messengers in the form of butterflies by the handful every day after he passed, for three months until he sent his ultimate gift to us - Archie, the closest replica of Teddy that could be found. He still sends butterflies each week, and are most often gifted when the message is most needed to be received.

When I finished this piece, encrusted in Teddy's signature blue, witnessing how it captured the light, I can feel his spirit within it, and it brought tears to my eyes.


I wanted to create a piece that would emulate that feeling of renewed faith, trust and hope in miracles again, to serve as a reminder that we are always guided, lifted, evolving, and able to transform darkness into light.

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