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Labradorite: Make your own Magic

This week on, I tackled one of the most magic-inspiring, power-prevailing, mesmerizing stones to exist: Labradorite.

As the seasons shift and summer rapidly approaches, we start dwelling on ideas and looking for inspiration on what adventure to take next. Is there something calling you? Do you feel there’s a greater purpose to your life you’ve yet to discover? Are you seeking a new journey? Are you stuck?

Labradorite is a stone which taps into your spirit of adventure, urging you to activate your own personal power and create your own magic. The Inuits believed the Northern Lights were encapsulated within it, as the duality of yellow fire and turquoise ice exist within each unique stone. It allows you to think outside the box, take the path less traveled, and hone into discovering what makes you individually you. Labradorite encourages you to explore your potential, teaching you to think creatively and get inspired by life and recognize it offers unlimited possibilities, you just need to open yourself up to them. It is a high-vibrational stone which awakens your psychic ability and charge full-steam ahead on the manifestation train, shielding you from outside negative forces and drawing in extraordinary changes to your life. It is not for the faint of heart, but rather the free-spirited.

For those ready to undertake a new venture or voyage, Labradorite grants you the permission to go out and discover the world – no matter how deeply invested you are into one path. I once met two men in their 70’s during my second year of university, who had lived a nearly full life already, who were taking an introduction to anthropology course. When I asked what made them want to go back to school, they explained that they never got tired of learning, and they were always shamelessly ready for the next chapter. Oftentimes when I hear people saying they’ve made their life’s choices and there’s no redirecting, I wish I could introduce them to my elderly risk-taking friends. As humans, we are constantly evolving based around every little decision we make within every moment. So simply because the adopted norm is to pick a path and stick to it, we’re supposed to be married to a singular way of living for the rest of our lives? Furthermore, we are expected to expect that we will never evolve away from loving that path somewhere along the way, never growing bored of it or longing for something else? That’s ludicrous! This is why I love the childlike spirit of the Labradorite energy: it encourages you to access that spontaneous thought pattern you had when you were younger and knew you had the potential to do literally anything you wanted to do. You didn’t ever believe you couldn’t become a veterinarian, or a firefighter, or a space explorer, or a unicorn – you tapped into the vibration of your true, limitless soul, recognizing you held the power to make it so, if you chose it. Who’s to say you can’t take an anthropology class in your 70’s? They were the unicorns.

Labradorite is a stone ideal to keep in your workspace, on your nightstand, or to take in your pocket daily – it creates a feeling of liberation that takes the over-analytical logistics out of your decision making. Ultimately, when we start to question whether or not we can do something, it comes down to a subconscious level of whether or not we believe we are worthy of it. If you were to take a minute, right now, and close your eyes, visualizing any place in the world you could be, any career that exists (or has yet to), whatever car excites you most in the world, the ideal partner you could be with – is there a feeling that follows? Can you follow the root of that feeling and determine if it’s total excitement or if it’s a sinking feeling? Now, if it’s the latter, stop right here. Ask yourself, why did I just deny myself the ability to have what I most want? The more we can access that little voice who denies us our visions, the more we can objectify it and tell it to move along when it rings. Do not answer, your life is calling! Why is the person next to you any more worthy to have that job you want? To go on that vacation? To move to Fiji? To date that babe who makes your coffee in the morning? Access that part of you who knows you are worthy – who believes you deserve it – who loves you unconditionally. Appreciate, value and adore yourself. Make your own magic, build your own castle, and bring your dreams into daily life. 

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