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Labradorite: Awakening Adventure and The Inner Spirit

When hunting at my favorite haven Spellbound Sky for the perfect stone to ignite some guidance, travel, and intuition, I found labradorite. I've always been drawn to it -- coloring similar to dragon scales, shimmering its intensive layers beneath layers where parallel lines meet multicolored spots of blues, greens, and fiery orange and yellows. It's a mystical stone believed to be derived from the frozen fires of the Aurora Borealis by the Inuits. For those who seek to travel, explore, and open themselves to the Universe, labradorite is perfect for self discovery and awareness - vibrating to protect against negativity. Meditating with it instantly brings a sense of excitement, adventure, and creates an urge to go where you've not felt the strength or passion to go before! I've noticed, each time I carry it with me or wear it around my neck for the day... that those little "right place at the right time" serendipitous coincidences seem to topple over like dominos more and more, allowing me to feel like I'm truly following my path in leaps and bounds, synchronizing more each minute to what I truly feel I am meant to be doing! It is also said to be beneficial for writing - so, hey! Two birds with one stone. [Pun intended.]

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