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This year is all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone, which includes the seizing of unique opportunities that present themselves with open doors. 

I am now excited to announce I am a proud contributor of, where every two weeks I will be sharing my insight and advice on how to let go of old habits, release invisible road blocks, manifest your dreams, and love yourself without fear. 

I'm so thrilled for this new collaboration! You can check out my first article all about self-love here or read it below.

I’m Margaux Perrier: Paris born, Los Angeles dwelling, Gemini-Cancer cusp with a Leo rising. My passions span design, art, gemstones, literature, travel, wardrobe and above-all, writing. Crystals are a major aspect of my life. 

Several years ago, while wandering a farmer’s market with my mother, I shared with her how much I’d been feeling career stagnation. Moments later, a vibrant turquoise stone caught my attention from a nearby booth – calling to me and demanding I pick it up and take it home. Pages of research later, its properties were described particularly for writers needing to release creative and communicative blockages. I was hooked, and promptly dove down the metaphysical rabbit hole. I have since found colossal joy in learning about crystals and helping others find their ideal stone based on where they are in life. To this day I continue my work, intimately encouraging so many people to tap into their vulnerability and push beyond imaginary boundaries to actualize their aspirations. I always leave feeling inspired to personally evolve.

We each hold within ourselves the power to create something more, something exciting, simply by changing our mind – by shifting where our energy is sent. Instead of focusing our forces outward, we must remember how vital it is to direct them inward.

Self-love is so important and so often forgotten. Rather than prioritizing it, we carelessly let it tag along, never pausing to wonder if it can keep up with our comparisons. We allow those low-vibration feelings to bleed in before filling ourselves with appreciation, empowerment and inexorable love. By tapping into the energies of specific frequencies given off from certain stones, we can understand the patterns of behavior we willingly let rule our lives. Without unconditional love for myself, I found I was more insecure and judgmental of the world around me, lacking the confidence I knew was lying dormant beneath the surface with increasing impatience.

Is it intentional? Do we self-sabotage subconsciously? Maybe it doesn’t make us weak admitting we must heal first to make big changes, introspectively beginning with self-love. 

Enter: Rose Quartz. Energetically and visually dreamy, it is the crystal most scattered around my house that I never feel guilty buying and dosing up on. It is love, uninhibited. It is tension release, compassionate communication, gentle, nurturing, and powerful. It provides the confidence through vulnerability to overcome that which stands in our way while offering an energetic hug. It shatters deeply embedded road blocks within the heart chakra, including destructive stories that we commit to so strongly – like critical perceptions of self-worth, which we all struggle with in some way. Rose Quartz eliminates the excuses you give yourself not to have self-gratitude and appreciate how genuinely perfect you are. It is a mirror to reflect judgments, fears and insecurities, simply spotlighting that none of those things exist, nothing surrounding you would be here, if not for you choosing them. So why not release the unworthy things that stand in the way of effortless happiness, and embrace love?

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