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Colour Coordinating: A Chakra Guide

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” [Oscar Wilde]

Colours are a form of communication that can instantly set the tone just by glancing at it - whether it’s depicting your mood, conveying emotions, invoking physiological reactions, or inspiring people to get up and do something, when we harness the right color-emotion it leaves a strong effect.

I was once told by a shamanic healer that when doing self-work, when you're wanting to channel all of your focus into one zone (or one chakra area) that you want to improve, you should also match the tones of clothing you wear to match said color that depicts that chakra. By wearing certain hues, you'll be reminded of exactly what you want to work on, which channels a sense of empowerment, emanating excitement of that healing process.

If we can align our emotions with a particular colour, it’s easier for us to remember what it represents to us. For example, if our heart chakra is the one we want to adjust or heal heartache, grief, or emotional trauma, wearing shades of pink or green to represent love and compassion can aid our mindfulness.

Quick Chakra Guide:

ROOT - grounding, stability, physical needs, security, survival, manifestation, material world (*keep in mind, when we are not grounded and secure in our Root chakra, we don't have the foundation to support our work with any other chakra -- this is important!)

SACRAL - emotions, relationships, sexuality, self worth, creativity, empathy

SOLAR PLEXUS - personal power, willpower, energy, metabolism, effectiveness, self esteem, social identity, happiness (this is how you interact with the world - the sunlit personality that exudes from you and is presented outward)

HEART - love, understanding, trust, hope, openness, compassion, balance, forgiveness (the source of the most powerful healing energy there is: love)

THROAT - communication, sound, vibration, self expression, listening, speaking, writing, truth

THIRD EYE - psychic ability, channeling, telepathy, astral travel, visions, connection to higher self

CROWN - universal consciousness, all knowing, cosmic connection, enlightenment

Certain colours are said to bring certain emotions. In using certain crystals in jewelry, meditation, or keeping particular stones by your bedside or simply in your pocket, you can then instantly associate each stone with what you're feeling. In order to help for quick referencing, I needed to figure out which crystal to pick up to best suit what area on the Chakra Guide I wanted to improve at any given time.

I’ve laid out my list for which colours represent which energy, effects and feelings below and then coordinated them with how they are associated with each crystal and chakra. I hope it helps you as much as it's helped me!

WHITE : All Chakras

Energy: universal energy

Effects: healing

Positive Emotions: purity, fresh, clean, innocence, new beginnings, openness

Negative Emotions: isolation, emptiness

Selected Stones: diamond, clear quartz, selenite, aura quartz, herkimer diamond

VIOLET : Crown

Energy: insight

Effects: inspiring

Positive Emotions: royalty, spirituality, nobility, luxury, ambition, wealth

Negative Emotions: moodiness, mysterious / hidden

Selected Stones: amethyst, lepidolite, tanzanite


Energy: protection

Effects: strengthening

Positive Emotions: spiritual connection, healing, serenity, transformation

Negative Emotions: envy

Selected Stones: turquoise, amazonite, aquamarine

BLUE : Throat / Third Eye

Energy: communication, intuition

Effects: soothing, connecting

Positive Emotions: tranquility, security, integrity, loyalty, trust, Knowing, peacefulness

Negative Emotions: fear, coldness, sadness

Selected Stones: celestite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, angelite

GREEN : Heart

Energy: spontaneity, love

Effects: refreshing, harmonizing

Positive Emotions: environmentality, fresh perspectives, newness, wealth-worthiness, fertility, nature connectivity

Negative Emotions: jealousy, guilt, greed

Selected Stones: peridot, emerald, green calcite, malachite, chrysoprase

YELLOW : Solar Plexus

Energy: mental alertness

Effects: clearing

Positive Emotions: brightness, energy, warmth, happiness, intellect sharpening, bravery, boldness

Negative Emotions: irresponsibility, instability, cowardice

Selected Stones: heliodor, topaz, yellow sapphire, bumblebee jasper

ORANGE : Sacrum

Energy: relationships

Effects: expanding

Positive Emotions: courage, confidence, friendliness, success

Negative Emotions: ignorance, sluggishness, suspicion

Selected Stones: amber, citrine, orange calcite

PINK : Heart

Energy: unconditional love

Effects: releasing, opening, connecting

Positive Emotions: content, joyful, relieved, healthy, compassionate, playful

Negative Emotions: weakness, immaturity

Selected Stones: rose quartz, morganite, kunzite

RED : Root

Energy: take action

Effects: warming

Positive Emotions: love, passion, power, strength, desire

Negative Emotions: anger, feeling of being threatened / in danger, hatred

Selected Stones: garnet, carnelian, ruby

BROWN : Root

Energy: rootedness

Effects: grounding, transmutation

Positive Emotions: outdoorsy, longevity, friendly

Negative Emotions: conservative / withheld, antisocial, dogmatic

Selected Stone: smoky quartz, shiva lingam

BEIGE : Root

Energy: connected to the earth

Effects: grounding

Positive Emotions: dependable, flexible

Negative Emotions: feeling dull, uninspired, bored

Selected Stones: honey calcite, picture jasper

GREY / CLEAR : Third Eye

Energy: change

Effects: flowing

Positive Emotions: security, reliability, intelligence, secure

Negative Emotions: gloomy, clouded, sad, confused

Selected Stones: nuumite, labradorite, tibetan quartz

BLACK : Root

Energy: universal mystery

Effects: visioning

Positive Emotions: protection, elegance, firm in your power

Negative Emotions: mystery, death, evil, corruption

Selected Stones: obsidian, black tourmaline, aegerine

SILVER : Third Eye

Energy: inner knowledge

Effects: calming

Positive Emotions: glamorous, tech-savvy, graceful, sleek, magical

Negative Emotions: non-committal, indecisive

Selected Stones: shungite, hematite

GOLD : Crown

Energy: self worth

Effects: revitalizing

Positive Emotions: prosperity, valuable self-worth, wisdom

Negative Emotions: egotistical, self-righteous

Selected Stones: pyrite, copper, gold sheen obsidian

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