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Multiple Mates: Examining the Soul

Multiple Mates: Examining the Soul

In light of the month of Love, a friend recently asked me, “Do you think it’s possible for people to have more than one soul mate?” I thought on this for a while, and I wanted to be dreamy, realistic, romantic, and practical all at once. Most people either argue that you have one single person, connected to you by an invisible string, that somewhere along the line you tangle up with and wind up finding, at long last. While others are convinced that they simply don’t exist, as science would have it, we’re human, and therefore compatible with so many people.

There’s a concept theory dedicated to the idea of Twin Flames, or Twin Souls, which is described as a “soul twin,” which is literally the other half of your soul, as each soul was said to split into male and female twin counterparts, each whole in and of themselves. These split souls were then set forth separately to gather human experience and individually find the balance within their own internal male and female aspects.

Then when you meet them, you will feel this profound sense of coming home. Yet I’m forced to wonder: is this really meant to live within another person? Or is it you and your divine self, and that feeling of homecoming is actually you realizing that your soul was completely within you all along, setting you through challenges to further complete your self, and your balance, going along with the saying we are all one.


So I want to examine another option: a third possibility. What if soul mates are real, and true, as our romantic beating hearts would love to believe (and I, personally am convinced), and we’re really connected to several other beating hearts, and are meant to align with multiple soul-one’s throughout our lifetime? After all, we have this full and happy life, both long and short on time, to figure out how to allow our highest self to grow and learn while we’re existing here; wouldn’t it be silly to believe that only one person is your true person?

Or that there are many people wandering around who you’re “just compatible with?” I wondered if the possibility could exist where maybe you spend several months, several years, with one person, whom you can love fully, until you both grow as far as you are able, and then you’re left to grow further into the next being to complement your soul and allow you to reach the next level of consciousness in love?


In the end, I think a lot of people get too afraid to leave their partners. They ask themselves, “What will happen to me? How can I go on without this other person guiding me? What if I never find someone else?” And in these questions, we’re asking them all wrong. In truth, we should be confident enough, not only in the interstellar map, but in our Selves, that we hold the strength inside to grow, to have faith that we don’t need another person to find, that they will show themselves when we are meant to meet them; because we have to have that time alone to go through some of our greatest growth, and should take comfort knowing that we are only with ourselves, alone, at the end of this journey, even when joined by other karmic mates who aid us through that growth. Not to be fearful of time alone with our thoughts. Inherently, and as the years have gone by and technology has become our biggest ally and our biggest foe, we have this fear that grows greater and greater of the silence and solitude inside our own heads.

We prefer to keep company with a constant background noise, visual distraction, scrolling aimlessly with the worry that if we stop we may have to look at ourselves. What is it that’s so scary that lives inside of us? Oftentimes it’s a fear of looking into that mirror that shows us the portal within; we refuse to acknowledge that maybe something amazing could be in there, until so much time passes in between that we scarcely recognize the changes we’ve had. And whatsmore, if we are unable to feel that contentment, that peace, and that appreciation for solo-time, loving ourselves when we don’t have to rely on someone else to do it for us, we can truly and wholly open that space and that ability to really love the next person that much better.


I’d like to think of love and life as an adventure into exploring how much bigger we can think; we’re constantly evolving, learning, growing, playing… never to be fully satisfied, or to understand and know-all; it’s simply naive to believe we could have a grasp on every single thing and that we’ve got no more learning to do, especially when it comes to ourselves, and the expansion of our own mind and consciousness and self-awareness.

If we are open to the possibility that we are consistently going to see more, reveal more, unveil more, we’ll quit resisting, and that restrainment will transform into excitement to the unknown, and we won’t be able to resist looking forward to find the next challenges, ready to explore openly each person indiscriminately -- seeking to recognize our own soul within theirs. Isn’t it foolish to think that only one other person is capable of revealing that to you?

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