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Creating a Sacred Space

Creating a Sacred Space

Several weeks ago, I met with a Shaman who does energy work, chakra balancing, and overall healing. We had a long conversation about the areas of my Self and my Life that I wanted to work on, and after my hour session of releasing negative toxins, stagnant energy, and unnecessary excess baggage, she talked to me about the importance of creating a Sacred Space within my home, and therefore allowing myself to open up and eliminate those boundaries that prevent me from moving forward.

Not only had I been able to free myself of powerfully negative energies (including a depressed spirit who had clung herself to me), but I physically felt the effects, during and ten fold afterward, of how wonderful her energy was that she was accessing from what she called my Divine Self, or my highest self, to come down and fill me completely with positivity, strength, and power. A spiritual bitch-slap, if you will.

I discovered that I have a 50/50 feminine - masculine energy balance, but the masculine energy body was being held back into stasis… to what I could only describe as a slingshot. I could feel that rubber band effect of being pulled farther and farther back within myself, wanting only to propel forward, but for some reason I wasn’t able to get out of my own way. After my session, we were able to replace the “bad masculine” energy (based on an inner belief that I wasn’t capable of greatness) with that strong, powerful, no-bullshit, straightforward masculine energy that I’ve always known and carried, but had buried deep inside for awhile.

My Shaman told me that when she connected to my highest Self, and my Spirit Guides, she had only one big message for me: to truly connect in meditation by building a comfortable sanctuary (inner and outer) that I felt I could easily dip in and out of to receive that guidance and wisdom and be able to continue forward. So, what did I do when I got home? I did exactly that. I created my Sacred Sanctuary. And let me tell you…. It felt really good. Like, really great. Amazing even. And I felt that propulsion I had been waiting for, and all that self-doubt and procrastinating and worrying and fear based thought totally vanished --- not even gradually. It was just gone. Because I had changed, I had opened up, I had been willing and ready and excited to see what was next and to find out just how capable I am.

So here it is: Go get some sage, or palo santo, or cedar, and light it on fire. Then take it for a walk around your apartment. Yes, your entire apartment. And as the smoke fills the space, make sure you cover each corner, every window, the doors -- and speak your intentions. “I wish for freedom, openness, abundance, and with this cleansing I open myself for creative freedom, and for my inner badass to flourish.”

...........or something like that.

Next, you want to cleanse your crystals. Get some purified water and give them a good spritz (careful if it’s something fragile like celestine or selenite!), and then place them in a sunny window, or leave them overnight in the moonlight to re-charge.

The Shaman told me to go invest in some Tarot cards, which is funny, because I had always spotted some at my favorite go-to pick me up spiritual shop, but they never called out to me. Finally, I was able to go get them! I love how absolutely straightforward and easy to understand they are. They really allow you to hone in your focus on what you should be doing. I recommend pulling 3 cards, once a week, that way you have your overall mantra, and if you’re having an especially tough or awesome or uncertain day, go ahead and just pull one - and let it wash over you. As you’re pulling the cards to create your happy zone, be sure to, again, focus on your intentions of what you want out of your new space. “I want to progress, I want to kick-ass, I want to have motivation, I want to set some goals.”

My man was on his own spiritual journey back in Australia the past several weeks, and wound up sitting chatting with his mum for ages. She disappeared for a few minutes, and then came back with a stack of tarot cards that are -- get this -- over 100 years old. I’m not even joking. She told him she never gravitated toward them, and they never spoke to her; and as soon as she heard him describing the transformation I’ve been going through, she had that little tap on her shoulder that suggested she pass them on.

I’ve also invested in some oils geared for Meditation, Positive Thinking, Success in the Arts, Abundance, and my favorite - Resurrection: designed to manifest energy and awaken your spirit, infused with carnelian stones to activate strength, vitality, and create a motivated mindset. I am totally aware of their effects as it’s just one extra sensory memory that will keep me constantly reminded as I’m using it throughout the day.

Lastly, and maybe it’s because I’m a writer, so if I’m not doing it, it feels like I’m missing a piece of my heart or my arm or something… but I believe it to be incredibly important to keep a journal always on-hand. To be able to jot down your intentions so you can remind yourself of them, your goals, your wishes, your thoughts, feelings, meditations - or even to be able to sketch, cathartically, is an enormous gift to yourself. And above all else, know that you are worth it. And if this isn’t something you’ve tried, it’s something to try and discover if it works for you or not. I believe that even putting a positive affirmation and intention behind something is a big enough step toward positive change in your life.

Good luck, beauties!

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