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An Ode to Lady Diana Spencer

I have long had a dream that I would create my own version of Lady Diana's astonishing engagement ring as a talisman to embody all of the steadfast strength and unshifting love Diana encapsulated, to carry each day and serve as a reminder to be rebellious in your own way, elegantly humanitarian and the ultimate embodiment of love.

And so I created The Ring of Ethereal Grace: an ode to the Divinity of Princess Diana, my most beloved muse and eternal source of inspiration; the ultimate high priestess symbol of nurturing, unconditional love, compassion and selflessness, embodied in effortlessly chic style. I have always felt such a deep spiritual connection to Princess Diana, and a desire to follow in her incarnation of unbridled love, unwavering strength, and altruistic compassion for humanity. I have always felt she is so close to my heart - she represents sacred devotion entirely.

This piece I created as an honoring of her memory and all she embodied, as an offering to the magnitude of the profound change she encouraged, through her rebellious determination to embrace others fiercely in love.

A very limited edition (only 4 available) 14k Yellow Gold ring featuring a beautiful emerald-cut deep Blue Sapphire (approx. 9x7mm and 2.2+ CT), surrounded by a stunning halo of 2.4mm White Diamonds. Available in Yellow, White or Rose Gold.

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