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✨ Margaux Perrier ✨

My jewelry is a blend of my French heritage with the sacred, spiritual and ethereal. Inspired by all that is dreamy, pastel and Rococo, I love to create jewelry that Marie Antoinette would wear.
My line is an extension of my heart, designed to inspire you to tap into the Divine cosmos and recognize your place within it - you are valid, worthy, and love incarnate.
As a French-American designer combining my adoration for the metaphysical with delicate wearable pieces, my goal has always been to empower the wearer to access those parts that are innately within themselves to feel as divinely perfect as they truly are.

“Why Crystals?”

I’m often asked the question as to why I incorporate and work with crystals as the primary highlight of my jewelry designs. I wanted to showcase the stone simply and provide a place for it over the heart - the chakra I identify with most deeply as it is the root whereby all of my creations stem, and the chakra we most often need to replenish.
I have worked with crystals for many years - researching, meditating, and learning them by tapping into their individual energy fields to understand every aspect of how they’ve come to be, and how we can best utilize their unconditional loving energy to realign ourselves and access the magic we innately hold within each and every one of our uniquely perfect selves. Having worked for several years in an environment assisting others one-on-one to recognize what stone is best attuned to what each specific person is going through - whether it’s releasing or manifesting, to help them along their journey and understand that they are not alone, and they too are worthy of their dreams.
Crystals are powerful. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are incredible tools that, when used appropriately, can absolutely encourage you to change your life and build any dream you desire, so long as you are determined to put in the work. Crystals have helped me to change my life in so many ways - to release blockages I never realized I had, to gain some self-awareness through objectivity and understanding of my purpose. They have helped me learn what self-love looks like, what worthiness means, how to release anxiety and ego-mind driven patterns, and challenge me regularly to let go of excuses standing in the way of fulfilling my goals.
When you consciously choose to open yourself up to the possibility that, maybe you don’t know what you don’t know, nonjudgmentally, curiously digging a little deeper down the rabbit hole, some really amazing things can happen and this is where the journey truly begins as unlimited possibilities reveal themselves.
My mission in creating a jewelry line has always stemmed from love and wanting to help others, in the way that I have found profound assistance and guidance from working with these tools. I want to empower those who wear and work with their stones to understand that they themselves are also powerful, they needn’t rely on outside sources for what they innately hold within, and to inspire them to feel that sense of empowerment each day they adorn themselves with one of my pieces. Each stone is completely one of a kind as nature designed it, so each little fragment of uniquity outlays that stone’s journey of growth - just as it can assist you on yours.

Being : The Blog

Forever a reader and a writer,  I have had my moments of self-doubt, frustration, confusion and arresting of any progress - full stop. And to counter these moments, I have also discovered immense strength and courage interwoven between bursts of excitement, gratification and reflection, followed by extraordinary moments of personal growth and expansion beyond anything I could have imagined.
In recognizing that we are all doing the best we can with what we have, through openness and vulnerability I aim to encourage those to choose positivity.  Choose empowerment. Choose success. Choose to rise and to love yourself and not to feel defeated by the things that happen to us.
With a deep infatuation with design, visual arts, literature, exploration, interior and fashion stylings and, above all - writing, my dream is to connect all of these facets into a creative stream of consciousness to inspire those who perhaps feel trapped, helpless or lost, to leave feeling inspired, empowered and whole.
Our experiences need not define us, but instead provide a push to blossom and exceed our own expectations.