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The Enchanting Rose Pendant

The Enchanting Rose Pendant

Nestled within the enchanting realm of Margaux Perrier Jewelry resides a sacred talisman that delicately awaits to be adorned – behold, the ethereal Rose Pendant. As you wander through the virtual gardens of the Rose Collection, join us on a floral journey to unravel the enchanting narrative woven into this exquisite piece.

Rose Pendant - Margaux Perrier Jewelry

A Blossom of Love and Timeless Beauty

The rose, an ageless symbol of love and beauty, has captivated poets and artists through epochs. Within the essence of the Rose Pendant, we have encapsulated the delicate allure of this sacred flower, merging it with a delicate aesthetic that whispers to the romantic and the modern muse alike.

“For me, roses have long been cherished and sacred within my heart. My birth-month flower, fondest fragrance in its gentility, the color most representative of my soul’s auric field, I seek to discover more roses each time I return to Paris - kept illuminated within the stained glass of ancient cathedrals, scattered like treasures across the gardens of Versailles, hidden amongst various paintings in the Louvre. Their divine beauty is representative of deep unconditional love and gratitude, they are an extension of love, strength, and resilience.” 

A Delicate Design

The Beauty of nature stems as a perennial muse for this collection, breathing romance into the Rose Pendant. The hand-carved design mirrors the natural form of the rose, with each detail inspired by the organic beauty that graces our world. From the delicate unfurling of petals to the graceful arc of the stem, this pendant is a lyrical ode to the Divine perfection of nature.

“In the late 1700’s, the French became world leaders in both the knowledge and breeding of roses. Whenever I am looking to reconnect with my Divine Feminine self, I surround myself with the enchanting, all-encompassing beauty that the rose brings.”

Verses of Versatility

More than a simple accessory, the Rose Pendant is a poetic expression that effortlessly layers with other pendants, or delicately stands on its own. Adorned in Sapphires or Diamonds of your choice, its versatile design ensures that the Rose Pendant becomes your new favorite ethereal piece.

A Symphony of Beauty

Beyond being a mere trinket, the Rose Pendant is a symphony of sentiments. Whether acting as a token of love, or adorning yourself in Grace, this pendant stands as a symbol of love, grace, and the enduring beauty inherent in many forms of magic.

“Roses appear throughout several Major Arcana cards of the Tarot, including the Magician card, displaying the rose as a totem of the blossoming magic and wisdom of the human soul. In Islam, it is said that the fragrance of a Rose represents the sacredness of our souls, and are sent as clairailent messengers through spirit guides and angels during meditation. Angels most often use Rose scents as physical signs of their spiritual presence, even if no flowers are nearby, as roses hold a powerful energy field which vibrates at the highest electrical frequency rate of any flower on Earth.”

A Romantic Enchantment

The Rose Pendant embodies the unconditional energy of love, beauty, and sacred magic held within our Divine nature. As a delicate treasure of our collection, the Rose Pendant can serve as  a daily reminder of the imperfect perfection, ethereal beauty and Divine feminine magic you hold within you.

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