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Blockage Release Ritual

Blockage Release Ritual

Blocked Emotions can present themselves as barriers and recur in our lives to present lessons to us. They give us challenges, appearing in difference masks to allow us to show up in strength to the challenge in an attempt for new growth to occur.

In this way, we are given experiences where we are confronted and forced with facing these blocked emotions as a means to choose whether or not we are prepared to let them go. We are faced with our fear, anger, jealousy, etc., because they are holding us back from truly being present with ourselves – with allowing ourselves to experience success, joy, love and peace. When these blockages emerge from the shadows where they are stored, they are shining a light on what needs to be addressed in order to transmute that old, stagnant energy into new, fruitful energy that will progress, inspire and empower us instead.

Say for example I have a deep-rooted blockage of fear; it will present itself through my life, through events like being abandoned by a partner, nervousness going to school on the first day each new year, worry over judgment of what others think, etc.

By acknowledging this fear blockage and guiding it out of the shadows and into the light with love, nonjudgment, and compassion to myself, it can be taken as a lesson learned and transmute into confidence, courageousness, worthiness and fearlessness. Here is a ritual you can use to release whatever emotional blockage you feel is holding you back from yourself:

 ✨Blockage Release Ritual✨


  • Pen and Paper
  • Selenite Wand
  • Black Tourmaline


  • Yourself and your environment


What through-line / underlying emotion has a deep hold on you; what blockage continues to present itself as a resistance barrier to your personal growth? (i.e: anger, fear, loneliness, jealousy)


An open, heartfelt letter to that blockage (i.e: your anger), your relationship to it, and all the ways it has presented itself as a lesson for you throughout your life. This letter can be as long or as short as you like. Allow it to be a letter that begins with love and ends with love. That begins and ends with forgiveness. As much as your anger has held you back from being peaceful and present, it has also acted as a shield of protection for you in ways when you may have needed it in life. It may have served you in a way then, but it is no longer serving you now. So with love and graciousness, you can let it go.


Your letter aloud. To yourself, to your partner, to your parent, to your friend. It’s up to you. Do not fear judgment, especially from yourself.


The letter safely in fire, and feel the blockage disappearing as it becomes ash and blows away.

I would love to hear what emotional blockage you chose to release in your own ritual, what tools you used to make the ritual your own, or what emotions came up for you as you were doing the ritual! Please feel free to share in the comments below.

✨QUICK TIP: Energy Clearing Shower Ritual✨

The next time you’re feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world (because as empathic beings, we are very susceptible to absorbing a lot of dense, chaotic, heavy energy that is swirling around us), here is a simple ritualistic shower practice you can do.

This is something that I like doing when I really need to release heavy, dense, negative energy that gets absorbed into my auric field that I don’t want to carry anymore – especially when it’s not mine, it’s just clutter I’ve picked up along the way!

What you’re going to do is take some Black Tourmaline – it can be a pendant or a loose stone – and as you’re showering and the water is flowing down over you, hold the Tourmaline in your hand, focus on how the water and the stone are helping to ground you. As you’re focusing on grounding, also focus on releasing all that energy, and the heaviness leaving your body and your auric field and picture it getting absorbed into the Tourmaline that you’re holding and feel that it’s washing away from the Tourmaline and it’s going down the drain. As it’s washing down the drain, you focus on how much lighter and lighter until you feel all of that excess energetic weight is gone, and then focus on your breathing, allowing the water to cleanse you, letting everything go. For me it works every time, and it’s such a rejuvenating and easy way to pull that ritual practice into your shower!

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