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Zoom 14kt Gold Studs featuring a 2mm Tanzanite
Zoom 14kt Gold Studs featuring a 2mm Tanzanite and 2mm Opal
Zoom 14kt Gold Studs featuring a 2mm Tanzanite
Zoom An Array of 14kt Gold Studs: Baby Heirloom Studs, Valentina Studs and Droplette Studs
Zoom Baby Heirloom Studs
Zoom 14kt Gold Studs featuring a 2mm Tanzanite
Zoom 14kt Gold Studs featuring a 2mm Tanzanite pictured with the Valentina Studs
Zoom 14kt Gold Studs featuring a 2mm Opal
Zoom 14kt Gold Studs featuring a 2mm Opal, pictured with the Droplette Studs
Zoom Baby Heirloom Studs

Baby Heirloom Studs

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The Baby Heirloom studs are representative of your guiding light, focusing on that inextinguishable spark within you; the infinite northern light that keeps you going through darkness by providing Hope and Solace; that unique Divine light which is yours to keep, to give, and yours alone.

*Sold as a pair

Delicately hand-carved in 14k yellow gold, featuring a beautiful center 2mm stone of your choice - read below stone descriptions to tap into which energy most aligns with you in this present moment:

*Aquamarine: embodies the Divine Feminine energy which fills our oceans, its Latin name translating to water of the sea. It is calming and opens the platform for a truthful, cool, and calm way of communicating, and is empowering to those who are more sensitive and empathic. Aquamarine is a comforting stone, as it implores you to use your voice with confidence, while releasing stress or fear to create positive changes in your life and let go of what no longer belongs to you. According to ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of the mermaids, and was used by sailors for good luck, fearlessness and protection. Aquamarine lends you feelings of courage during times that require you to challenge yourself from shying away from your dreams, assisting you to channel your inner Goddess to understand yourself on a deeper level and relate to those around you more intuitively.

*Amethyst: is a natural protection stone, creating a cohesion and an open flow of energy to travel and unblock your crown, third eye, and solar plexus chakras. Amethyst is ideal for those wanting to awaken and deepen their sense of spirituality, helping release toxic patterns of behavior or emotional baggage that no longer serve you. It allows you to become more psychically attuned, linking you to your intuition to know what your soul’s purpose is and aligning you to your Divine Self. Amethyst allows you to see unlimited possibilities, opening doors and creating more opportunities to draw in prosperity and abundance. It increases optimism, self-confidence and esteem, releasing fear of success or growth. Amethyst promotes a motivated mindset, unlocking your creative force for the ultimate manifestation of your goals through the alignment and awareness of your true purpose in life.

*Citrine: motivates you to be more successful, pushing beyond any boundaries we accidentally create around ourselves which force us to play small. It increases creativity, allowing you to think outside the box and open all doors to unlimited possibilities rather than seeking the answers in one place. Citrine boosts manifestation, increases prosperity and draws in abundance as it accesses the energy of the Sun for optimism, self-confidence and esteem, releasing fear of success or growth and asking you to express yourself freely. Its energizing vibration transmutes negative energy, reverses destructive behavior and promotes emotional stability. Citrine activates the solar plexus, which is how you interact with the world – so as you’re feeling more creative, inspired and excited, you’ll naturally draw the right people and opportunities to you.

*Garnet: a powerful passion stone determined to spark a fire within, it is intensely energizing, grounding and protecting while simultaneously igniting love and devotion, stimulating kundalini energy to activate self-confidence with a sultry vibe. Garnet is supportive during times when life feels fragmented, bringing hope and courage to transform crisis into challenge. Garnet influences the release of inhibitions, behavioral patterns and old ideas that no longer serve you, including resistance or unconscious self-sabotage. Garnet amplifies surrounding crystal energies, boosts success in business, and helps you embody self-respect and appreciation. It is intensely motivating, reminding you to work hard for career and goal-oriented passions, without forcing you to burn yourself out.

*Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and imparts mystical visions. Acting as a mirror, it reflects your thoughts and feelings back to you while shielding you as a karmic protector to deflect empathic emotions that are shone onto you by others. Opal is a teacher - amplifying our emotions so that we can become self-aware to where our attachments lie. A stone of transformation and seduction, Opal is deeply connected with love, passion, desire and focus, healing depleted energies and revitalizing your energetic field. Stimulating rebirth and karmic growth, it imparts past, present and future spiritual holograms, awakening your intuitive Knowledge. A high vibrational stone aligned with good luck and hope, Opal encourages you to face your deepest fears and face deep layers of repressed fears and traumas, so that new growth can occur. Acting as an auric prism, it instills the frequency of joy, splitting Light into iridescent rainbow frequencies, nourishing you within a vast spectrum of Light. This illumination shines a light on the heaviness within one’s energy field, inspiring you to do the necessary work to clear the energetic body. Australian legend believes a gigantic Opal governs the stars and true, human love. It holds within the seed of the ‘holy fire’, the intense spiritual energy that consumes the impure aspects of the self without burning us down. The more we lean in and are willing to release our attachments to our anger, fear or negative patterns, the better Opal will work for us. ***Opals are extremely delicate, brittle and fragile - should you choose to add this piece to your collection, please be mindful to treat it carefully like silk, honoring its fragility with extra care. For more information on jewelry care, please see our FAQ page.

*Peridot: has long been believed to keep negative spirits at bay, and is a highly protective stone for the auric field. A powerful cleansing stone, Peridot neutralizes low-vibrational energies, aligning the mind, body and spirit while allowing you to recognize the potent strength of your own Higher Self and to look within for guidance. Peridot reminds you of the importance of letting go and when it’s time to cut cords with heavy emotions, situations or people who no longer align with your highest good, encouraging you to understand your spiritual destiny and your soul’s purpose. It is an ideal stone for attracting wealth, prosperity and abundance, and is a sacred totem for good luck. Viewed from ancient times as the symbol of the sun, representing the sunlit personality, and conferring the energy of royalty to the wearer. Protects against evil spirits and brings wealth, ignites a spark of positive energy and an uplifting mindset. Peridot boosts well-being, increases generosity and a revitalized energy to your daily life, aligning the dimensions of physical reality with your inner Truth. Peridot reestablishes a sense of self-worth, relinquishes old feelings of guilt or regret, and increases wealth, joy and emotional vivacity. It encourages you to gently yet powerfully expand your ability to receive from the Universe, accepting your Divine birthright of complete abundance on all levels of life, including your openness and willingness to receive.

*Pink Sapphire: works like a magnet to draw all that is necessary for your personal evolution into your life. It is a powerful teacher to aid you in learning how to master your emotions, dissipating emotional blockages and transmuting dense, heavy energies that no longer align with you. It imparts wisdom while calming the mind and clearing tension. It releases emotional blockages, imparts an abundance-mindset to draw in prosperity, and encourages self-expression. Pink Sapphire helps to express your emotions more openly and communicate your vulnerability and passion with others. A stone of absolute love and forgiveness, it holds within the gentle feelings of acceptance, release, and power through vulnerability. It embodies resilience, facilitating great compassion for others and healing past emotional wounds. It balances the heart with the mind, reminding us that the longing our hearts feel for the Divine is identica