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Ethereal Green Tourmaline Ring


One of a kind 14k Yellow gold ring featuring a stunning pastel Green Tourmaline, surrounded by a halo of White Sapphires.

💌 Please write desired size (between 4-8) in *Notes* section at checkout

Green Tourmaline is a self-healing focused stone, emanating endless love, wholeness and balance around the heart center, the epicenter of our being. In harmonizing and bringing stability to the heart, the physical body becomes more whole, lighting up your connection with your true self and all things that live and grow in our world. It connects you physically with the spirits of plants and animals, opening communications with Nature spirits and sparking courageousness - awakening your inner strength deep within. Green Tourmaline enhances joy, encouraging you to embrace yourself wholly and without judgment, to release old emotional blockages and patterns of behavior that no longer align with your vibration, and ground deeply to center yourself with the Earth. It focuses heavily on personal growth and expansion, helping you become less restricted by fear and more expressive of your innate vibrancy, recognizing that you are a strong, perfect, powerful force in the world.

White Sapphires provide a deep sense of self-awareness and connectivity to the Universe and oneness of humanity and the cosmos. It provides a refreshing ability to see with discernment, bringing mental clarity and understanding of your thoughts, becoming more objective of the path you are on and what has led you to this present moment. It expands the power of the mind, enhancing your ability to communicate as a conduit with your higher self and Spirit Guides, activating the third eye and crown chakras to connect more fluidly with your angelic team. It allows you to recognize the potency within the process of spiritual transformation, encouraging you to hone in on the power within the strength of your own spirit. It imparts courage and the seeking of deep inner spiritual truths, assisting you on overcoming the hurdles of toxic habits or patterns that you have subconsciously been creating which may be barricading your spiritual evolution on your journey. 

Production Info

*Please note: all pieces are made by my hands to order with up to a 3-4 week production time. If you have a rush-order, please email to discuss! For more information about Jewelry Care, Warranty and Returns, please see our FAQ page.



Each order comes gift wrapped, please ensure you fill out the "Gift" notes section upon checkout, as your item will be thoughtfully wrapped and personalized with recipients name, along with description cards of each piece and selected stones!


Any piece that is not a ready-made one of a kind is available to custom order in 14k White or 14k Rose Gold.

Please enter your preferred metal in the notes section upon checkout, or feel free to contact us before ordering!


All Fine Jewelry items are handcrafted and made to order. All of our pieces require up to 3-4 weeks for turnaround production time, to allow for sizing, polishing, and making sure your jewelry is perfect! 

If you have a specific deadline you need to meet, please contact us to let us know. We may request that you pay for upgraded expedited shipping, and may not be able to accommodate all requests.


I always, always recommend as first priority to go with what you’re drawn to. Oftentimes, your first instinct as led by your intuition will be spot on for what energy you’re wanting to align with or needing in your life at this time - don’t overthink it!

An easy way to clear your mind and become present with your current state of being:

Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths.

Focus your attention on the ground beneath your feet, gradually relaxing into a naturally comfortable state. Picture your body within a bright, warm pyramid of white light as you exhale.

Release any impeding stresses that pop into mind, and ask your subconscious to come to the forefront.

See what you’re drawn to aesthetically, then proceed by reading about each energy to determine which one feels right.