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Centre du Coeur Cigar Band


I began creating jewelry after working with crystals helped me open my heart and recognize the trauma I had been holding onto since a very young age. The healing that came was so profound and stemmed based around my heart-center, helping me understand the value and importance of self-love and recognizing that you cannot pour from an empty cup until you’ve filled your own — creating jewelry around these sacred stones is the extension of my desire to allow others to help love and heal themselves, as it had done for me. I always wanted it to stem from a place of unconditional love and from my heart, so it felt only fitting to create a piece that celebrated and put the heart-center on display.

Available in 14k yellow gold with (1) 5mm Pink Tourmaline or Peridot heart center.

Weighs 6.6 grams.

Read more about each stone to see which one aligns with you:

* Pink Tourmaline is a stone imparting deep relaxation, wisdom and compassion, while clearing heavy emotional pain and destructive self-perceptions. It works to balance masculine and feminine energies, removing lingering old blockages holding you back from your Divine potential. Pink Tourmaline attracts love in both the material and spiritual world, allowing you to recognize that there is safety in love. It inspires trust in love while encouraging you to understand that it is vital to love yourself before you can love others or be loved wholly in return. Pink Tourmaline is representative of the yin feminine energies, working diligently to heal old emotional wounds, especially residue of traumas from childhood. It emanates a soft, soothing energy of comfort, safety and nurturance, repairing holes left within the auric field created by negative attachments of past abuse. Releases worries and reinvigorates passion and zest for life, infusing the heart with the highest Divine energies. Pink Tourmaline calms heightened emotions kept within the physical body. It encourages you to find the courage to love, allowing it to become more challenging for others to project negativity or influence you away from kindness or tolerance.


* Peridot has long been believed to keep evil spirits at bay, and is a highly protective stone for the auric field. A powerful cleansing stone, Peridot releases and neutralizes toxic energies, aligning the mind, body and spirit while allowing you to recognize the potent strength of your own Higher Self and to look within for guidance. Peridot reminds you of the importance of letting go and when it’s time to cut cords with toxic emotions, situations or people who no longer align with your highest good, encouraging you to understand your spiritual destiny and your soul’s purpose. It is an ideal stone for attracting wealth, prosperity and abundance, and is a sacred totem for good luck. Viewed from ancient times as the symbol of the sun, representing the sunlit personality, and conferring the energy of royalty to the wearer. Protects against evil spirits and brings wealth, ignites a spark of positive energy and an uplifting mindset. Peridot boosts well-being, increases generosity and a revitalized energy to your daily life, aligning the dimensions of physical reality with your inner Truth. Peridot reestablishes a sense of self-worth, relinquishes old feelings of guilt or regret, and increases wealth, joy and emotional vivacity. It encourages you to gently yet powerfully expand your ability to receive from the Universe, accepting your Divine birthright of complete abundance on all levels of life, including your openness and willingness to receive.


Production Info

*Please note: all pieces are made by my hands to order with up to a 3-4 week production time. If you have a rush-order, please email to discuss! For more information about Jewelry Care, Warranty and Returns, please see our FAQ page.



Each order comes gift wrapped, please ensure you fill out the "Gift" notes section upon checkout, as your item will be thoughtfully wrapped and personalized with recipients name, along with description cards of each piece and selected stones!


Any piece that is not a ready-made one of a kind is available to custom order in 14k White or 14k Rose Gold.

Please enter your preferred metal in the notes section upon checkout, or feel free to contact us before ordering!


All Fine Jewelry items are handcrafted and made to order. All of our pieces require up to 3-4 weeks for turnaround production time, to allow for sizing, polishing, and making sure your jewelry is perfect! 

If you have a specific deadline you need to meet, please contact us to let us know. We may request that you pay for upgraded expedited shipping, and may not be able to accommodate all requests.


I always, always recommend as first priority to go with what you’re drawn to. Oftentimes, your first instinct as led by your intuition will be spot on for what energy you’re wanting to align with or needing in your life at this time - don’t overthink it!

An easy way to clear your mind and become present with your current state of being:

Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths.

Focus your attention on the ground beneath your feet, gradually relaxing into a naturally comfortable state. Picture your body within a bright, warm pyramid of white light as you exhale.

Release any impeding stresses that pop into mind, and ask your subconscious to come to the forefront.

See what you’re drawn to aesthetically, then proceed by reading about each energy to determine which one feels right.